What are they, single mothers?

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Millions of women bring up children alone. And not all of them have enough strength for their personal lives. In this article, we will talk about single mothers who are better in relationships and how to find the right balance between the role of a single mother and a woman seeking a man's love.

Scrambling between work and home, they find it difficult to find a place and time for love. At the third of them have no sex life at all. Why this happens, it is understandable. But what can be done about this? How to find a balance between the role of a mother and ... a woman?

After the divorce, a woman raising a child becomes a hostage to motherhood, which interferes with her personal life. Intimate relationships go to the background, and lost among the worries associated with children, career, and relationships with the ex-husband, domestic duties. It seems that such women do not have desire and do not hope to start a new relationship or to get marry. A period of chaos most often follows behind a divorce. Women have to organize a new life. They experience both fear and desire to enjoy their independence simultaneously. To survive this period of loneliness and panic is difficult.

There are advantages of loneliness: it allows you to determine the true priorities in life. It is necessary to regain self-confidence.

A dual role of women and mothers requires a subtle, intelligent game. It is important not to harm a child who feels that the mother is eluding him, and not to offend a new friend, the relationship with which is still kept secret.

Each single mother in her own way builds a new life, balancing between parental responsibilities and the hope that she has a future as a woman. The main thing is not to perceive the child as an obstacle to a new happy life, or as a protection against loneliness.

They treat to contraception seriously

She had knocked up once upon a time! And it was not easy for her. Do you know who never forgets about condoms now?

Single mom will never be in a hurry

She does not have much time to devote all her thoughts to you and make your relationship from the first day your top priority. You will have a lot of personal time and space, even if she has sincere feelings for you. If between work, friends and sleep she finds a whole night a week to dedicate it to you, it already means a lot. You will have time to analyze your feelings and decide before you come together. She will not rush you, demand more time from you and always want more. It is not romantic, but convenient and honest.

She is hot in bed

Everyone will agree that the main qualities in sex are confidence and openness, and any single mother have such qualities than any girl without children. How can you not be sure? She is much more aware of her physical abilities.

They know how the relationship works

She could become a single mother in a million different ways. Most likely, it taught her a lot, she began to understand better the relationship and the reasons for their disintegration. When a woman has a child, she understands much more in the relationships between people and healthy relationships, she is generous, she is ready for responsibility, she is flexible and ready to make concessions. She already has a person in her life, with whom she cannot part from.

They know how to be disinterested

This, of course, does not mean that she will constantly give up everything for you, but there is a chance that she is capable of pushing her interests aside for someone else. And a nice bonus: they know the right moments for manifesting this disinterestedness.

They understand better what they want

Single ladies searching know more than anyone else how much plans can change, and know how to cope with the unexpected difficulties, without losing its dignity. Since she has a child, she had to say goodbye to her own childhood and to have goals in life. Don`t you need this?