Single mothers and their personal life

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The traditional idea of a happy family involves the presence of a mother, a father and children. For the overwhelming majority of people, it is the family that is traditional and desirable. But life is diverse, there are families where there are no children or the role of both parents is performed by one of the adults. It so happened that after the divorce of parents, children often remain with their mother, so there are so many single mothers in the world. They are sorry, they are helped, admired, they are also slightly condemned. But not everyone knows about the life of such women.

Who are single mothers?

A few decades ago, the woman's conscious choice to become a single mother seemed absurd. Now it's not uncommon. In large cities where life flows according to its rules, where the boundaries between the male and female beginnings are practically erased, many women decide to have a child, regardless of whether a suitable partner is found or not. As a rule, these are rather adult women who can give a child not only a roof over their heads, but are also ready to bear full responsibility for their well-being. These women do not need support or support from the state, they rely only on themselves.

Another category of women who often remain alone with children are young girls who have brought children too early, not being ready for it. Often they give birth to children out of wedlock or the marriage quickly disintegrated, as the children were not planned or desired for both parents. This happens when a girl starts living an adult life too quickly and early, but can not take full responsibility for her actions.

Well, the most common category includes single mothers, who were left alone after the divorce. Unfortunately, no one is insured from troubles and disappointments. When people create a family, they hope for the best, but with time people and their values change, the spouses don`t have a common way. It does not matter who initiates the break, for whatever reason, it is much more important that the child is deprived. Mothers have to take upon themselves the role of father in the upbringing of the child.


Single mothers need help almost always. And it's not just about money, as most women still have the opportunity to earn enough to provide for themselves and their child. Much more difficulties are brought by society.

Firstly, often a woman who brings up a child alone has a double responsibility. Strongly or unwillingly, but it is being subjected to more stringent requirements, up to the point that people give the cold shoulder to such women who try to arrange a personal life. It turns out that to have a personal life and be happy, a single mother pays with open condemnation.

Secondly, a woman faces many situations in which both parents are involved, which also does not have a very favorable effect on her emotional state. At moments when married women can count on the help and support of the husband, single mothers are forced to manage themselves. In the absence of such help, women often become isolated, in their lives there is rarely a place for anything other than a child and work.

Thirdly, it is no secret that single mothers are exposed to emotional pressure from others. This manifests itself in different ways. Married friends treat them condescendingly, often condemning, because in our society it is widely believed that the responsibility for the preservation of the family lies entirely with the woman. If a woman could not find a man or hold him, then the fault is added to her.

Not all marriages are longevous. A young mother after a divorce starts to think about creating a new relationship. Do not forget that you are a woman, and your child needs a new father. You need to think not only about yourself, but about your child, but trying to make a new life, can turn out to be a failure. It is necessary that the child perceive your chosen one. Otherwise, you simply injure the still fragile psyche of your child. Children are very sensitive to the fact that a new man has appeared in the life of their mother. And this is natural, because the child is afraid that some strange man will take away mother's caress from them.

If you want to change life for the better, you need to improve yourself. There are three main mistakes of a free woman who wants to create a strong family, but she does not get it.

The first mistake. She is in a hurry.

Many women, after breaking their relationship with a man, look for the next suitable candidate in his place. A woman starts many novels, but, in the end, remains, disappointed in the whole world and in men. And if you understand, then no one is to blame. Simply the whole point is that she hurried. To build strong relationships that could last for many years, you need to prepare for these relationships.

The second mistake.

A woman is obsessed with her complexes. One hundred percent satisfied with themselves. Everyone has their own complexes (benefits of dating a nerd) and internal fears. And here the whole point is how much people are obsessed with them. We need to know that our complexes live inside of us, if you think that something is wrong with you, then this does not mean that the surrounding people should also think. They will only feel the uncertainty that comes from you. If your self-esteem has suffered, that you cannot convince yourself that you are beautiful, charming and exceptional, then you need to play.

The third mistake.

The woman is convinced that if she has children, she must forget about her personal life. This stereotype needs to be broken. It must be remembered that your personal life and children are different concepts that should not overlap. To do this, you need to build your relationships with men and with children properly. Naturally, children should be the most important for you, but this is not a reason to refuse to communicate with the opposite sex. It is important to maintain a balance in relations with the opposite sex and to keep the needs of your children. One should not rush to combine personal relationships with family relations. It can happen that the relationship with a man does not go well, and then for a child this will be a serious trauma.

Do not think that a woman with a child can not have a personal life. Do not be afraid to enter a new life, achieve new goals, make new mistakes, open yourself to new emotions. Life is beautiful, you just need to see everything, finally opening your eyes. Do not be ready to throw in the towel and look confidently in your future. Know that you will be all right, but otherwise it can not be.

The role of the mother is the most beautiful, but in the life of a woman this is not her only role in life. The need for love, sex, intimacy is a valuable part of a woman's life, and having lost this need, a woman loses a piece of herself.